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Dr.Yasmina Laouar

Endopeel Trainer in Algeria

Case Study

Improvement of sequelae of burns of a hand 

Sr.Mauro Tiziani

Endopeel & Peelings Co-Inventor

Patients History

Female Patient  43 years old -  

  • her right hand has been burnt as she was 27 years  

  • Many treatments without any results have been previously done like : 


Our Protocol for 1st Session

in the following order
  • Endopeel 2 ml injection with 30g needle according the technique of Mauro Tiziani
  • then Peeling de Luxe is applied on the hand for 30 min
  • then 30 min Peel Off is applied on the hand for 30 minutes ( without removing Peeling de Luxe) 
  • then remove the peeling de luxe  with the 30 min peel off in a dry way 

Result is seen on the picture above, 1 hour just after 1 st session treatment


The chosen techniques have been those of M.TIZIANI , applied to the sequelae of burns and give immediately excellent results , where other techniques repeated many years got no or poor results.

Therefore the combination endopeel,peeling de luxe and 30 min peel off has to be the chosen one to treat sequelae of burns.

We have same results on face too.


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